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Do not wait for your PC to crash. Clean windows registry for errors with Registry Cleaner and repair them with ease. Right now!

There's nothing unusual about a brand new PC. However, upon usage registry gets corrupted and needs regular cleaning. A good registry cleaner software can get your PC back into shape, tuned–up and running problem free in no time.

Free Registry Cleaner Download & Scan

Most of the reputed companies that market windows registry cleaner offer FREE DOWNLOAD that doesn't give you the full functionality unless you pay for it. However, this feature helps you to analyze the performance of registry cleaner software and thereby helps you to make an easy decision before you pay for it. Henceforth, by reading “free registry cleaner” means “FREE DOWNLOAD & SCAN” only unless specified otherwise.

Do remember that you don't need to try each and every software that you come across on the internet. We review the best free registry cleaner download software's...so YOU don't have to!

The following observations are based on first hand experiences drawn from the reputed research laboratories, forums & discussion groups. Do remember that you don't need to try each and every software that you come across on the internet. We review the Best Registry Cleaner Software ... so you don't have to!

Free Downloads and ReviewsBest Registry Cleaner Software

Advanced SystemCare PRO

Advanced SystemCare is a full featured registry cleaner software that is purely meant for repairing windows errors at a lightening speed. Apart from the regular scan features, it supports browser helper object manager. True to its name, Advanced SystemCare PRO is a great program that makes the registry cleaning an easy affair.

Quality wise, it enjoys the support of over 120 million satisfied customers. Download and try Advanced SystemCare Free.

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System Mechanic Pro

System Mechanic Pro is the most comprehensive registry cleaner software available over the internet. With its easy to understand interface, 1-click backup, effective registry cleaning and repairing techniques, System Mechanic Pro is definitely the second best registry cleaner and PC optimizer.

Best of all, it has live chat support too.

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Ashampoo WinOptimizer

Ashampoo WinOptimizer is the world’s most popular and advanced registry cleaner software with about 4 millionplus downloads. This free registry cleaner download software has won many awards from the PC security experts and the research laboratories equally.

Just with simple mouse clicks, you can maintain a safe windows registry for yourself.

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Wise Care 365 Pro

Wise Care 365 Pro is an advanced registry cleaner available today in the market. The main USP of Wise Care 365 Pro windows free registry cleaner is its 1-click scan feature. With flawless scan and excellent tech support, Wise Care 365 Pro registry cleaner is simply the best for your PC.

For the quick performance, just scan and download Wise Care 365 Pro registry cleaner.

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RegistryCleanerKit provides you with everything that you expect from a top class free registry cleaner tool. In less than 2 minutes, it completely scanned, fixed, and maintained the windows registry of my PC.

Get rid of automatic restarts and constant freezes only with RegistryCleanerKit.

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Understanding The ConceptRegistry Cleaner

Let me give a brief synopsis on windows registry, its errors, ways to fix errors including the selection of the best registry cleaner software.

What is Registry?

Registry is a record of all the vital information about the computer. It is a database which consists of each and every aspect of the computer whether it may be hardware, software, drivers, applications or any other special settings installed by the user. It is structured in a specific form otherwise known as KEYS and each key corresponds to specific program or setting by the user. The operating system otherwise known as Windows reads the keys and performs the applications.

A brand new PC has a perfectly organized windows registry and thus all the applications are performed at lightening speed. But when it gets older, the windows registry gets filled with unnecessary registry entries and the user experiences error messages. Even a minor registry error results in abnormal functioning of your PC.

What Does Windows Registry Actually Contain?

In a quick short, registry has all the information and settings pertaining to...

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Control Panel Settings
  • User Preferences
  • File Associations
  • Any special task carried

Common Signs Of Windows Registry Errors

  • Slow start-up, shut-down: - The first sign commonly observed in windows registry error is PC’s slow start up and shot down. As the windows registry gets large and disorganised, the PC takes too much time to bootup and the same is the case with shut down procedure. The loading and unloading of the start up programs takes a long time.
  • Frequent Error Messages: - A corrupt and disorganised windows registry gives rise to frequent error messages. When the windows search the registry for its related entries, you get error messages as they are not referenced properly.
  • Freezes and Crashes: - If the windows operating system cannot find the corresponding registry entry, then the computer just freezes and crashes. This is a very important sign showing that the windows registry is corrupt and needs an urgent repair.
  • Blue Screen Of Death: - Blue screen of message is a final warning message displayed with blue screen so as to prevent the damage to the PC. They are more commonly referred as stop errors. When the PC faces critical failure, then it leads to BSOD.
  • Sluggish Performance: - Due to the corrupt and disorganised windows registry, the PC suffers from sluggish performance. Even a brand new PC when has cluttered windows registry experiences slow system performance.
  • Cannot Add/Remove a Program: - If you want to add/remove a program, then you enter the control panel and make settings. But with corrupted registry entries, you can’t even uninstall the programs normally.

Why Do You Get Windows Registry Errors?

After knowing about the windows registry and signs of the registry errors, you may be worrying about the actual causes for the windows registry errors. Though there are many reasons accounting for the registry errors, but the below highlighted ones are known to cause severe effect.

  • Multitude of Programs: - Generally what we do is download all sorts of things even if it is not necessary. There are many programs on our hard disk which we do not even touch. This multitude of programs uses a lot of memory and processing capacity. It makes the registry to get overloaded.
  • Spyware, Adware, Viruses or Malware: - As the windows registry is the core of the PC, many viruses and spyware attack it. They simply create registry and/or modify the keys and infect them. For a normal person, it is very dangerous to handle the registry keys. Only a technically competent person can edit them.
  • Tracking Programs: - Some internet programs install themselves and have registry keys associated with them. They do have multiple keys within the registry. They get mixed up with the normal registry keys and are difficult to delete due to their multiple names and folders.
  • Incomplete Install & Un-installation of Programs: - While installing and/or uninstalling the programs, you need to follow the official program but some just add/delete them manually. Even if you delete the program manually, the registry keys are not deleted. So you have to fully uninstall the program along with the associated registry keys. The same is the case with failed and incomplete installations. The registry key already stays there. If you make incomplete installation, the windows registry gets overloaded with corrupt entries and gives your error messages.
  • Continued Usage: - The more the software and hardware you have on your PC, the more is windows registry. Over the prolonged usage, the registry becomes cluttered and disorganised. Whenever the data changes, the windows registry becomes overloaded and the corresponding registry keys are not updated. So this results in a corrupt windows registry and we do observe the registry errors.

How To Clean Windows Registry or Repair Registry Errors?

The windows registry is the heat and soul of the PC and it should be maintained properly. One has to repair registry errors and maintain the windows registry in a clean state. This has to be done regularly. You can clean and repair the windows registry by three methods:

1. Manual Registry Cleaning:

If you are technically competent, then you can manually clean the windows registry. A minor change in the registry entry can make your operating system useless. So you should be very careful while modifying the registry entries. Unless you are 100% confident about your system configuration including system registry keys, folders and settings, do not dare to touch it.

Before you start editing the registry entries, you need to take the back up of the registry. Follow the path: Start --> All Programs --> Accessories --> System Tools --> Back Up

After backing up all the registry files, then restart the PC and press F8 even before the windows starts. Choose Safe Mode and press Enter.

Then type the following commands one after another: cd windows (then enter), attrib -r -h -s system.dat (then enter), attrib -r -h -s system.da0 (then enter), attrib -r -h -s user.dat (then enter), attrib -r -h -s user.da0 (then enter), ren system.dat system.daa (then enter), ren system.da0 system.da1 (then enter), ren user.dat user.daa (then enter), ren user.da0 user.da1 (then enter), copy system.bak system.dat (then enter), copy user.bak user.dat (then enter)

All these steps when performed correctly will help you to restore the registry. Then depending upon the problem you face, the registry should be edited and repaired. As this is a very tedious process and requires high technical expertise, I would not recommend the manual registry cleaning method.

2. Hire A Computer Technician:

A technically qualified person can handle the windows registry so hire their services for repairing the registry problems. But the main problem is that they do charge a minimum of $150 per each visit to repair the windows registry errors.

As I said you earlier, the windows registry should be maintained properly, moreover, it needs a regular maintenance activity. For one visit, the computer technician charges $150 and on that basis if we calculate for the regular PC maintenance, then it is not feasible to afford their services.

3. Use Registry Cleaner Software:

A registry cleaner is the specialized software who is unsure about the manual registry cleaning process. It thoroughly scans the windows registry, reports the errors and finally fixes them with a mouse click. The registry cleaner software is designed in such a way that it scans the windows registry and removes all the broken and/or obsolete registry entries.

By having an organised registry, your PC gets the boost in speed and delivers the best performance. It is always recommended to scan the PC regularly by the best registry cleaner software for the best results.

How To Select The Best Registry Cleaner Software For Your PC?

If you conduct a search for the registry cleaner, then you would find not less than hundred softwares on the internet. All of them have some pros and cons. But you need to select the best among them for your PC. Of course, selecting the best registry cleaner can be really tricky. But there are some features that could make your selection easy.

  • Easy To Use: - The best registry cleaner should be very easy to use. First of all it should be easy to install on your PC. It should have a user friendly interface that is easy to navigate. Even the technical part of the registry cleaner should be easy to understand.
  • Backup And Restore: - Though registry cleaner softwares are safe for repairing registry errors, it is always advisable to get a backup and restore feature available with the registry cleaner. This will enable you to get full backup of the entire windows registry that can be used when something goes wrong.
  • Easy To Customize: - After performing an efficient scan on your PC, you may get many registries on the scan results. The best registry cleaner is one that enables you to customize the scan results. There could be some registry entries which may be doubtful and you should be able to ignore them.
  • Start Up Manager: - Only a few top class registry cleaners have this feature that controls the programs when your PC starts loading the windows operating system.
  • Disk Defragmentation: - When the windows registry is defragged the registry keys gets more accessible and the programs are loaded much faster. The disk defragmentation tool in the registry cleaner optimizes the disk for faster access and it boosts the overall PC performance.
  • Scheduling: - The best registry cleaner has the ability to scan the schedule. There should be provision to have schedule scan of daily/weekly/monthly. This feature will enable you to clean the registry even if you are not in front of your PC.
  • Smart & Safe Detection: - The registry cleaner software should take utmost care in handling the registry errors. It should report only the genuine errors and provide a safe detection technique to delete the registry errors.
  • Customer Tech Support: - As the windows registry cleaner is dealing with the core part of the PC, you need to have a good tech support for it. The best registry cleaner software will have a 24/7 customer support.
  • Money Back Guarantee: - The best registry cleaner will provide 100% money back guarantee for the claims made within 30 days. This ensures a risk free purchase and enhances the satisfaction levels.
  • Vendor Reputation: - As the windows registry is the brain of the PC, you need to be more cautious and select the best for handling the registry. The highest quality products are made only from reputed vendors and this reduces your risk of getting an inferior product. Only a reputed vendor can offer all the above features and make the best registry cleaner to suit the needs of the PC.

Happy Users!